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Poet DogI finished the first KUNG FU COWBOY album. We changed the story line from my Kung Fu musical autobiography into a rock opera about Hiram Abif being murdered in King Solomon's Temple, 3,000 years ago.

Two songs on the album, were already about Freemasonry, "King Solomon's Temple Penny Whistle," and "Hiram Abif." When I sang the song I labeled some of the tracks,

By labeling the songs, I acted them out and gave vocal ranges and styles to each character. I look forward to the ROCK OPERA of KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

The song, "Kill The Spider," is where Hiram is murdered. The next album, KUNG FU COWBOY PART 2, will start with the execution of the 3 Fellowcrafts who murdered Hiram Abif.

This is the 4th LEVEL of Zen Buddhism and the 4th album by American Zen that details this spiritual journey.

Follow my Buddhist odyssey in webstories and poetry at: www.americanZEN.org
or my current website, www.KungFuCowboy.com

He'll back here, after the album is done to record some music videos for this new album titled, KING SOLOMON'S TEMPLE.

Kung Fu Cowboy PART 1 will tell the story of King Solomon constructing his Temple in Jerusulem.



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